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Web Resources

Websites focusing on information and support for those experiencing, or know someone experiencing abuse

Websites covering the psychology of addiction, support for addicts and those involved, and much more

Links to information and support regarding adoption and the adoption process.

Anxiety Disorders
Websites containing information on anxiety disorder including treatment information, treatment centers, and support

Art Therapy
Websites containing information on the use of art therapy

Asperger Syndrome
Websites containing information on Asperger Syndrome

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD / ADD)
Links to information on treatment and support for ADHD / ADD.

Attachment Disorder
Links to information about attachment disorder. Includes treatment and support information.

A collection of references and resources related to autism.

Bullying Prevention
Websites featuring information on bullying and bullying prevention.

Child Therapy
Tons of websites about therapy with children and adolescents.

Christian Ministries
Sites that focus on helping others, based on Christianity

College Resources
Links to info about finding the college that's for you, and more!

Creative Therapies
Links to websites regarding creative therapies.

Dance and Movement Therapy
Links to websites featuring dance and movement therapy

Links to many websites featuring information and support for those struggling with and treating depression.

Developmental Delays and Disorders
Information on treatment and support regarding developmental delays and disorders.

Information on treatment and support for those with disabilities.

Dissociative Disorder/Multiple Personality
Links to sites with information and support for those with dissociative disorder.

Domestic Violence
Links to sites with information and support for those experiencing Domestic Violence.

Eating Disorders
Links to eating disorder treatment programs, and support for those affected by an eating disorder.

Education and Teaching
Links to various educational resources

Links to other therapeutic websites that didn't quite fit anywhere else!

Links to sites providing information about geriatrics.

Grief and Loss
Links to sites offering support and comforting for those that have experienced loss.

General sites containing information about health.

A collection of hobby sites for your recreational enjoyment!

Mental Health Supersites
Sites with tons of mental health related resources and links.

Music Therapy
Tons of links to sites including information on the use of music in therapy.

Music Resources
Links to sites with information for musicians.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Websites offering information and support for those experiencing obsessive compulsive disorder.

Occupational Therapy
Sites featuring the use of Occupational Therapy

Online Courses
Sites providing online training and degrees for the mental health profession.

Online Pharmarcies
Online Merchants specializing in prescriptions and more

Online Counseling and Therapy
Links to sites offering online help.

Some unrelated links, just for the fun of it!

Parents and Caregivers
Supportive and informative sites for parents and caregivers.

Links to sites specializing in fears and phobias

Play Therapy
A collection of Play Therapy websites.

Collection of poetry related sites.

Pregnancy / Baby
Sites related to pregancy, birth, babies and infants, etc.

Professional Resources
Resources professionals including information on HIPAA and more.

Links to general sites about psychology.

Links to sites providing help and counseling suggestions for those in relationships.

Regional and Local Therapists
Links to sites featuring regional and local therapists and counselors.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Supportive and informative sites for those experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder.

Links to sites selling therapeutic related products.

Schizophrenia and Psychosis
Links to sites featuring information and support for those experiencing schizophrenia and psychosis.

Self-Esteem Issues
Sites featuring encouragement for those with low self-esteem.

Self-Harm Issues
Sites featuring information about self-harmers.

Sites featuring self-help programs.

Sexual Issues/Gender Issues
Sites featuring information for those experiencing sexual and gender issues.

Spiritual Related
Sites featuring a spiritual approach

Suicide Treatment and Prevention
Links to sites featuring information on suicide treatment and prevention.

Supportive Organizations
Sites specifically for the purpose of supporting others experiencing difficulties.

Theory and Discussion Related
Links to sites discussing mental health theories, forums, etc.

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