Spiritual Related Resources

Ninepatch Online Magazine: Stitch-by-stitch-we-create-our-lives
A co-operative journal of spirituality. Through shared letters, essays, poems, and book reviews Ninepatch-ers share their spirituality in an open atmosphere of mutual support and acceptance.

Where Peaceful Waters Flow
Internet Ministry of Chosen One Outreach Ministries

A Rose a Day
Sharing the love of Jesus, a place for Christians.

Global Goddess
Have you ever dreamed of being able to connect with women all over the world to talk about your Goddess spirituality? Have you ever dreamed of connecting with those same women to work for women's issues world wide or to work for peace around the globe?

Hill Connections
Linking contemplation and social justice, faith with action.

Tarot Trad
Tarot Traditions: an ezine for tarot enthusiasts and spiritual seekers