Poetry Resources

Poetic Visions
Features a collection of self-written material by Dee.

Champagne on the Hill
Writing is a writers point of view on many different subjects. The written word is a passion, a dream, a gift we want to see printed in black and white, and to share with the world.

Madeleine Begun Kane
Humor Columnist, is "RAISING KANE", features a wide variety of humor, including poetry.

RAINBOW WRITING, INC. -- copyeditor, ghost writer, book author
We are an inexpensive yet highly professional freelance and contracted writing, editing, copy editing, copy writing, ghost writing, graphics design, Internet marketing, publishing assistance, and ultra-cheap dedicated web host and website design company.

Special Efforts
Collection of poetry by Marcella Dawn Tom. Some great stuff here.

Defining Sanity
Defining Sanity is a personal website which takes an unforgiving look at mental disorders through the eyes of a sufferer. This site includes descriptions of depression, anxiety, panic, self-injury, substance abuse, etc. in an undiluted method of study through personal experience.