Phobia Resources

Phobia Resources Self-Help for Phobias
Help for arachnophobia (fear of spiders), claustrophobia, public speaking fear, heights, social anxiety, flying, needles, agoraphobia, fear of doctors, dentists and more...

Overcome Driving Phobias, Stress and Rage
Use the proven Survival Kit, of DVD, video, CD's and tapes to help you with any driving problem by internationally known, "The Driving Therapist", Sy Cohn, M.A., MFT

The Anti-Social Club
Whether you're Social Phobic, a Social Avoidant loner or have Antisocial Personality we all have our reasons for not being comfortable around others. The Antisocial Club is a place to share experiences, find help and laugh at ourselves. You may even get a better understanding of who you are. AND DO IT ALONE