Online Counseling and Therapy Resources

The Psychotherapy Network
Provides professional referrals for counseling services in the Chicagoland area. Also features many links to health related sites.

Therapy Online
Offers professional online counseling for clients. For professional helpers, certificate programs in cybercounseling are offered, as well as email encryption and cybercounselor websites. - Counseling medical health care clinicQuality online counseling, medical information and help, hypnosis audio and mental health educational videos. A complete health care clinic!

The CyberShrink.Com
Offers professional cyber therapy services directly to your home at times that are convenient to you and at a fraction of the cost of private practice therapy.

Vanguard Counsulting.Net
Mental Health Professional, who is trained to provide expert witness testimony.

Daylnn May, LCSW
Therapist who has worked with a wide variety of people and has a track record of success helping individuals and couples understand themselves and their relationships more fully.

Calm Spirit
Professional, private and convenient. The counselor will listen to your concerns and respond to you by email. Services include consultation or counseling session.

Advice & Counseling at
Expert advice and counselingfor women on relationships, mental health and more. Private email, chat, telephone sessions available.

Girl Shrink
Expert advice and counseling for women.

Healthcare professionals providing online counseling and therapy for marriage, family, relationships, sex, addictions, spirituality and mental health!