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Matthew J. Bush, MSW, LSW has had much success using creative techniques in the field of music therapy, including the use of popular music.  He borrows elements from the music therapy field and applies them in a way that other therapists who are not music therapists can follow.  Below is an exciting collection of information, links, and articles about music therapy, and using "music in therapy".

Specific examples of popular music which can be used in therapy:




Drug Use

Anger Management

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD/ADD)

Behavior Management

Conduct Disorder


Domestic Violence

Eating Disorders

Grief & Loss


Sexual Abuse

Teen Issues (coming soon)

Fully Readable Articles on music therapy

Music Therapy, The Internet and Other  Electronic Resources

"New Musicology", Music Education and Music Therapy

Music and the Quality of Life

Music therapy for reducing surgical anxiety

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Effects of music on patient anxiety

Sound healing: can you drum your way to better health?

Audio of songs which can be used in therapy:

How Do You See to Be Loved?

A song about abuse

I Started Laughing

A song about addiction

Take Me Back

A song about anger management

Soon Defy

A song about behavior management

Not All Right

A song about feeling sad

In Between Love and Hate

A song about domestic violence

Beauty Fool

A song about low self-esteem 

Top Music Therapy websites

American Music Therapy Association:

Music Therapy Makes a Difference!

Canadian Association for Music Therapy:

Promotes awareness, use of, and development  of music therapy

Nordic Journal of Music Therapy

Provides a wealth of information on the field

British Society for Music Therapy

Organization dedicated to the further exploration of the field

Prelude Music Therapy Site

Source of much information

Using Music in Therapy Resources

Using Music in the Classroom: Lesson Plans
Tons of lesson plans, ready for use!

Group Therapy Ideas Themes