Explaining to Teen What is Depression

It can be teens to understand what is depressionThis page will focus on explaining in simple terms what this means.

Depression in teenagers is very common. Approximately 4 out of 100 get seriously depressed each year. Certainly everyone feels sad some of the time, but what exactly constitutes depression?

This is a question that many teenagers ponder. As a therapist, I try to provide some insight in helping teens understand more about themselves. I emphasize with them that everyone feels sad some of the time. It is okay to feel sad. Sometimes people feel sad almost all of the time. That may signal that the person is suffering from clinical depression.

The key is for the person to look at their life and determine if their feelings of sadness are impact their quality of life. Are their sad feelings having an impact on their behaviors? grades? relationships?

If someone has depression, there is good news...it can be treated. Once depression is identified, that individual, along with the help of others can take steps to make things better.

Unfortunately, most people who struggle with depression never receive treatment for it, and when it is not treated, it can get worse. This can prevent someone from getting the most out of their life. Remember, you are only a teenager once.

How do you know if you are depressed? Think about how you have felt. Have you felt sad a great deal of the time, and these feelings aren't going away? Do you feel that life is meaningless? Do you have trouble getting excited about things, or making up your mind?

It is important for teens to understand that their feelings are valid, and that they are not alone in the way they feel. Most importantly, with the proper help and attention, things will certainly get better, much better.