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 Depression and Suicide in Children and Adolescents
            Conditions Associated With Depression
                Major Depression
                Dysthymic Disorder
            Course and Natural History
                Family and Genetic Factors
                Cognitive Factors
                Risk Factors for Suicide and Suicidal Behavior
                    Psychosocial Interventions
                    Pharmacological Treatment
                Bipolar Disorder
                    Pharmacological Treatment
                    Psychotherapeutic Treatments
                    Psychopharmacological Treatments
                    Intervention After a Suicidal Death of a Relative, Friend, or Acquaintance
                    Community-Based Suicide Prevention
                        Crisis Hotlines
                        Method Restriction
                        Media Counseling
                        Indirect Case-Finding Through Education
                        Direct Case-Finding
                        Aggressive Treatment of Mood Disorders
                        Air Force Suicide Prevention Program—A Community Approach
            Anxiety Disorders
                Separation Anxiety Disorder
                Generalized Anxiety Disorder
                Social Phobia
                Treatment of Anxiety
            Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
            Disruptive Disorders
            Substance Use Disorders in Adolescents
            Eating Disorders

    Services Interventions
        Treatment Interventions
        Outpatient Treatment
        Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment
        Residential Treatment Centers
        Inpatient Treatment
        Newer Community-Based Interventions
        Case Management
        Team Approaches to Case Management
        Home-Based Services
        Family Preservation Programs Under the Child Welfare System
        Multisystemic Therapy
        Therapeutic Foster Care
        Therapeutic Group Homes
    Crisis Services
    Service Delivery
    Service Utilization
        Utilization in Relation to Need
        Early Termination of Treatment
        Poverty and Utilization
        Culture and Utilization
    Service Systems and Financing
        Private Sector
        Public Sector
        Children Served by the Public Sector
        Managed Care in the Public Sector
    Culturally Appropriate Social Support Services
    Support and Assistance for Families
        New Roles for Families in Systems of Care
        Family Support
        Family Support Groups
        Practical Support
Integrated System Model
Effectiveness of Systems of Care
The Fort Bragg Study
The Stark County Study
Summary: Effectiveness of Systems of Care