Self-Esteem Resources

Craig's Shyness Resource Page
Tons of information and support for those that feel shy

Finding happiness and self-actualization
Starts with our tips to help you find happiness from within

Loneliness: Causes, types, coping and experiences
Loneliness: Find out about loneliness, its causes, different types and how to cope with it. Read or submit artwork to us.

Resources for Shy people
Books, articles, email lists, news groups, and other info related to shyness.

Shake Your Shyness
A website dedicated to helping people overcome shyness through education--providing information on the origins of shyness, tips for overcoming shyness, recommended readings and an annotated listing of relevant websites and treatment resources for children and adults.

Shy and Free: A Site that Transforms Shyness
Learn to transform shyness into wholeness and happiness.