"The Power of Music as a Coping Skill"

Matthew J. Bush, MSW, LSW has been very successful with his exciting and creative approach to therapy with children and adolescents. He takes popular music, something many children readily listen to and identify with, and helps them to use it as a coping skill and outlet for self-expression.

Now his work is available for others to use and enjoy! In addition to looking for therapeutic messages in songs, Matt has created a therapeutic rock band, Freudian Slip, which focuses on music with therapeutic topics, in a form that children and adolescents can relate.

Utilizing Music as a Coping Skill Features:

Fourteen Emotionally-Charged Songs

Matt has picked 14 of his favorite and most emotionally-charged songs that were written and inspired by his own personal experiences as well as those around him. These songs cover popular therapeutic topics including abuse, addiction, self-esteem, depression, and more.

Take Me Back

Take Me Back is a song about anger management. The narrarator is going back and forth between being able to keep everything under control, and losing his temper.

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Beauty Fool

Self-esteem represents how a person views him or herself. Our society has created standards that people feel they need to live up to, that we must dress a certain way, weigh a certain weight, and sometimes when we do not meet that standard, we develop a very low opinion of ourselves.

The "beauty fools" in this song are people who are obsessed with beauty, and expect a certain level of physical beauty

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Not All Right

Sadness is an emotion that we all feel.  I believe that music is such a powerful form of expression.  It allows us to identify with not only words in a song, but also the sound is heard as well.

"Not All Right" is the saddest song that I have ever written.  I remember writing it like it was yesterday.  My grandmother, who was a very special person to me, had just died and I felt terrible.  I picked up the guitar and a notepad, and an hour later felt so much better.

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The Power of Music as a Coping Skill Also Includes:

- How to use popular music to engage and get your clients    
  more invested and open about their therapy.

- Over 150 suggestions of popular music that can be used in
  therapy, grouped by therapeutic topic and musical style.

- An in-depth explanation of how the music of Freudian Slip   
  can be used in therapy.

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To view the book you will need adobe acrobat reader, which is free. We will be happy to provide assistance if you need help setting this up (chances are it is already installed on your computer, it is pretty common). To listen to the music, you just need an mp3 player (such as windows media player, winamp, itunes, etc.). Assistance will also be made available for those that would like to burn their own CD's.

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