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Music Therapy Articles: Music Therapy as a treatment for Alzheimer's Disease and more...

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Music & Alzheimer's - music therapy as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease by Jule Klotter

Fascinating article which examines the benefits of music therapy as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

Excerpt- "A music therapy program raised melatonin levels and improved behavior and sleeping problems in 20 male Alzheimer's patients. The Alzheimer's patients underwent music therapy for 30-40 minutes, 5 days a week for one month. Blood samples were taken before the first session..."

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Sound Advice - music therapy - includes related article on music and babies by Arlene P. Brown

Exciting article which examines the helpfulness of music therapy in helping to calm babies.

Excerpt- "Studies show that music therapy--using music as a way to communicate--helps trigger memory and reality awareness in patients with Alzheimer's disease and helps improve the mobility of stroke patients and people with Parkinson's disease. It's so effective that music therapy is reimbursable under certain conditions of Medicare."

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Tune in boo! Use music to improve health and performance by Patricia Ambroziak

Examines the benefit of music therapy, including weight loss.

Excerpt- "Researchers have uncovered an astonishing number of benefits derived from listening to music. Evidently, music has the power to energize, soothe, change emotional outlook, boost immunity, reduce pain, speed recovery, lower blood pressure, improve focus and IQ as well as aid weight loss."

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