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Music Therapy and Anger Management

Music is an incredibly powerful form of expression.  It combines both words and sound to deliver a message.  Certain songs that one hears on the radio can trigger specific memories in one's mind.  There is no doubt, there is a strong connection between music and our feelings.

Through my experiences in therapy, I very quickly realized that people simply do not like to sit down and just begin pouring their hearts out to someone they don't even know.  It was for this reason that I began to draw upon my own experiences, and discovered a very powerful technique that allows me to use music, something people already listen to and identify with, as a way to help people heal.

Here, I am going to look specifically at how music can be used to help those who have difficulty with their anger.

St. Anger, Metallica (Metal) :
In this popular song Metallica delivers a very aggressive message through an incredibly aggressive song.  The lyrics convey an interesting concept that "st. anger" is something hung around the singer's neck which is controlling his feelings, just like anger controls us sometimes.  Watch out for explicit lyrics!


Take Me Back, by Freudian Slip (Alternative/Rock) :

In this song the artist sings about the concept of thinking "happy thoughts" to help calm you down once you are upset.  The mood of the song matches the singers ever-changing emotions.  This song is included in Utilizing Music as a Coping Skill : Featuring the Music of Freudian Slip

Click here to listen to a sample


You Oughta Know, by Alanis Morissette :

In this song the artist sings about a personal experience of feeling angry at an ex-boyfriend for what he did to her.  Very liberating, good example of someone getting their feelings out!