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Music Therapy General Resources

AMTA- American Music Therapy Association
To advance public awareness of the benefits of music therapy and increase access to quality music therapy services in a rapidly changing world. Information, how to find a music therapist, a members-only area that includes career assistance and job posting, the uses of music therapy for specific population groups, research, listservs, schools, journals, and welcome-to-the-profession packets for interns.

Coast Music Therapy music-assisted learning for children with special needs.
Coast Music Therapy is a San Diego-based agency, serving children with special needs, including autism, Rett syndrome, Williams syndrome and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Crystal Tibetan Singing Bowls for Sound Healing and Tibetan Quartz Crystals
Quartz crystal healing singing bowls - crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls for music therapy, chakra system balancing, meditation music. Tibetan quartz crystals, original articles and photos. Low prices, buy bowls online. We know bowls!

Australian Music Therapy Association
AMTA Inc is dedicated to the advancement and practice of professional music therapy in Australia.

British Society for Music Therapy
Disseminates music therapy information and organises music therapy conferences, workshops and meetings.

Canadian Association for Music Therapy
Promotes awareness, use and development of music therapy in order to maximize health and well-being.

Center for Music Therapy - Texas
Contains information on music therapy, programs offered, the facilities, professional institutes and training workshops, the staff, services, client stories, about the founder, and music therapy links. Also available in Spanish.

Coast Music Therapy
Specializing in autism and neurodevelopmental disorders. Offers an overview of music therapy, related research, and practical tips on using music to teach skills at home or school. Services provided in San Diego county.

Forte Music Therapy
Providing Music Therapy services in the Des Moines, Iowa metropolitan area.

Healing Music Enterprises - Kentucky
Founder Dr. Alice Cash is a clinical musicologist, professor and educator, international keynote speaker, performer and workshop leader, and a clinical therapist. Information on her company and herself, clips, features, interviews, services, products, testimonials, an e-zine, calendar, awards, and a general introduction.

HeartMath Research Center
Explores research of how the heart communicates with the brain and vice versa. Many of the research articles refer to the use of music therapy to regulate the heart and thus improve mental clarity, reduce stress, and improve the ability of a person to deal with panic and other mental disorders. Music research is also contained within the Research Overview booklet, which can be accessed on-line.

The Institute of Applied Psychomusicology
Emphasis on therapeutic Sound Awareness techniques as part of the Sound Psychology (tm) program. Information on the founder, services, news, books, mission, calendar, seminars, and CDs.

Karuna Music and Art
Healing music and art. Seminars, products, and information.

Melbourne Music Therapy
An alliance of registered music therapists working in private practice in the Western and North Western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia.

Music and Imagery Association of Australia (MIAA)
Music and imagery is a process of music psychotherapy in which music experiences are used to bring about therapeutic change. List of therapists, workshops, and conferences.

Music Medicine
The five elements tonal system. Healing music on the cutting edge. Free download.

Music Therapy
Dedicated to increasing awareness about music therapy; descriptions of practical applications, links to degree programs and internships, and how to find a board certified therapist.

Music Therapy Association of British Columbia
The MTABC is a provincially incorporated non-profit professional association. Provides the public with information for hiring practices and education about what music therapists do.

Music Therapy Info Link
Created by a music therapist, with information on music therapy, commonly asked questions, schools and education, focus populations, links, message boards, job opportunities, international music therapy, and research.

The Music Therapy Link
Information and resources about the profession of Music Therapy. Includes a list of websites of schools that offer music therapy, a collection of search results for "music therapy", and national and global sites.

Music Therapy Online
A guide to music therapy and music psychotherapy services, both established and alternative forms of therapy. Information for people seeking therapy, healthcare providers, healthcare and educational organizations, and human resources personnel.

Music Therapy World
Designed by German music therapists from the University Witten/Herdeckethis. Contains a database of unpublished dissertations, newsletters, and an e-magazine.

Music Works Publications
Music Works Publications professional music therapy self-study print and online courses allowing you to earn pre-approved CMTE credits at a very reasonable cost.

Musicians' Wellness, Inc.
A non-profit organization created to use music therapy to treat musicians with mental illnesses. Information on the vision, programs, company, services, board of directors, partners, endorsements, conference papers, published research, upcoming events, future plans, and links.

Nordic Journal of Music Therapy
Articles, journal information, training courses, organizations, databases, advertisements, conferences, forums, links, and guidelines for submitting articles to the journal.

Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy UK
Music therapy services to adults and children in the UK and abroad, with training in therapy to the professional level. Information on international research, the Centre, what is music therapy, services, library facilities, fund raising, conferences, short courses, and related links.

Provides a variety of opportunities related to hand drumming and percussion, including workshops, entertainment, and drum sales.

Stanley Jordan
Geared to his guitar music and tour schedule, Jordan also offers information in the area of music therapy - articles written by Jordan, a compilation of emotional and behavioral changes caused by music therapy, and a very extensive links page.

A group for the research and promotion of Turkish music. Information on traditional Turkish knowledge in musical healing and movement therapy.

Using Music to Heal and Improve Life
Consumer Wellness Expert Terra Wellington talks with celebrity instrumentalist Laurie Z. about using music to heal, de-stress, and touch emotions.

Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy
An online community and publication forum. Essays, weekly column and discussions with contributers from all over the world.

World Congress of Music Therapy, 2005
Brings together clinicians, researchers, and educators to share the cultural diversity and richness of music applied for the preventative, developmental, rehabilitative, curative, and social benefit of all people. 19-23 July, 2005.

ABCs of Self Help - Personality Quizzes, Mental Health Care Help
Self-help improvement site featuring psychology tests including: daily IQ, love, purity, emotional intelligence and personality. Mental Health Selfhelp.

Aids for classroom music education, music therapy, and special education from A Day's Work
A Days Work provides classroom music education instruments and aids, music therapy aids, and aids for special education. A primary goal is helping music education teachers, assisting teachers teaching children with disabilities, providing assistance for those caring for the aging, and creating instrument holding aids for the music therapist.

Art, Music, Dance Lessons, Theater Performances - The Fine Arts Association
Art, music, dance, and theater lessons are part of The Fine Arts Association of Willoughby, Ohio, a school, theater and gallery for performing and visual arts in the greater Cleveland area. Contains general music therapy information.

Association of Professional Music Therapists
Association of Professional Music Therapists, APMT, Music Therapy, BSMT, British Society of Music Therapy

Australian Music Therapy Association Inc
AMTA Inc is dedicated to the advancement and practice of professional music therapy in Australia.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem.

Of Spirit.Com
Holistic, Spiritual and Self-Improvement Articles, Interviews, Profiles, Links And Resources

Heather Trail
Collection of music resources, lessons, tips, and more for those looking to express themselves through music

Signa Phi Nothing
Interesting website which features information on African drumming.

Something Higher
A unique musical work designed to connect you to your highest spiritual essence.

Creative Exchange Music Therapy
Combines music therapy and applied behavioral analysis techniques to maximize client success

Abstract Artwork for Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul Integration
Features examples of expression through art, and also further information and links on various forms of creativity

Jessica Perl, Board Certified Music Therapist
Enhancing seniors' quality of life through interactive therapeutic music activities involving singing along with, rhythmically accompanying, reminiscing about, and moving to music

American Music Conference
Promoting the benefits of music making and music education.

Empower Innovations
Experience guided imagery and music therapy

Music for People - Workshops in Music Improvisation and Self-Expression
Explore music improvisation in an energetic, humorous and open-minded environment. Offering weekend workshops open to musicians experienced in any musical tradition. Prior improvisation experience not necessary, just a desire to take your music to a new and exciting place.

Musician whose songs come from the heart, and many were inspired by her struggle with suicidal depression after experiencing a loss...

Music 4 Your Soul
Mike Anderson, has a dream... to soothe his soul and yours

International Society for Music Education

Meditation Music
HealingProducts.com is dedicated to finding the most beneficial healing music and products for less. Visit us to browse through accelerated learning products, healing music, tools for meditation and self help tools for your Mind, Body & Soul.

Japanese Music and Stories to Nourish and Inspire

Drumming for your Life
Dedicated to using the power of rhythm to maximize students' learning potential and to enhance the recovery and quality of life of patients dealing with cancer or addictions.