General Health Resources

Daily Diet Guide
Your guide to good food, good nutrition, and good health!

Health Risk Screening Tool - Physical Status Review Software
The DTECH GROUP developed the HRST-PSR software to screen for health risks associated with disabilities such as those associated with aging, physical injury, developmental insult, or other conditions affecting an individual's ability to engage in functional activities.

Mindy Machanie's Change Pages
Great site featuring tons of information on nutrition, breast cancer, and general health information.

Super Vision Center
Great site which provides information on eye care.

Help For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) education, support, tangible help.

PCI Health Training Center Dallas
PCI Heath Training texas provides career training in the allied health fields including:Medical Assistant,Psychiatric Assistant Get your Career today!

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music
Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self esteem
Wonderful site which examines the importance of breathing and how it can lead to a healthy life.

The Medical Algorithms Project
Includes many, many useful tables useful in healthcare, including things such as performance measures, quality of life, nutrition, and more!
Alan Greene, M.D., provides thorough answers to pediatric questions. Topics on children's health include bed-wetting, ear infections, eating/nutrition, ADHD, potty training, sleeping and more.

Medical Resources Homepage
Valuable resource for medical information for clinicians, patients, medical researchers, and anyone else who wants to check out the most reliable medical information available on the net

Health Place
Health Place is your starting point for information and products related to health.

Health Directory
Health resources galore!

The Woods Group
The Best Health Insurance is Good Health.

A specialty portal focusing on Health sites. Contains many links to many great sites and resources.

Online Spa Links and Reference
Great website providing links and references to many sites about online spas

Berkebile Chiropractic
Site for Berkebile Chiropractic, features a question and answer session from the doctor about common questions.

e Diet Star - Herbalife Weight Loss Programs Optimum nutrition
When it comes to Optimum nutrition, Health or Weight Loss, Herbalife and e Diet Star takes care of everybody's needs !

Holistic Healing Web Page
The internet's premier resource for holistic medicine.

Nursing Notes
Learn resources for nurses and other medical professional. Free tutoring service provided by e-mail.

Dr. Skantze's Uncensored Links
A wide collection of health related links.
Collection of resources for doctors.

CDO is a non-profit organization providing support & information to families affected by rare chromosome disorders.

Streamwood Chiropractic.Com
Chiropractor's collection of resources and information.

Cosmetic Surgery Support
Support for those who have had cosmetic surgery.

Manteno State Hospital
The most comprehensive source of information about the history of Manteno State Hospital.

Peace and Healing
Provides insight into, and a better understanding of a variety of psychiatric illnesses, from perhaps a different perspective than one with which you are already familiar, as well as alternative treatment interventions.

Health Books Online
Collection of various health books available online.

Florine Links Health Resources
Collection of health related links.

Healthy Biz Newsletter
Dedicated to our health, and also our wealth.

Steve Shorr's Better Health Links
Collection of links for better health.

Blueberry Press is working to make future generations healthier and happier through communication, nutrition awareness, parenting tips, and fitness education.

Women's Moon Lodge
Our intention is for this virtual moon lodge to become a gathering place for women's voices concerning the cycles of their lives... a coming together for renewal and visioning.

Sperm Donors Worldwide
Sperm donors from the US, UK, Australia and worldwide- sperm donors who donate sperm for free to help single women, infertile and lesbian couples become pregnant through artificial insemination. Sperm donors wanting no involvement, some wanting contact or to co-parent.

Healing Well
Community, information, and resources on diseases, disorders, and chronic illness.

Health Resources
Information on several illnesses, different medications, alternative care, etc.