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Below you will find a list of group therapy ideas themes for your personal use.

Using Popular Music in Group

Music is something that many children and adolescents listen to and strongly identify with. I have had much success encouraging children to share in the group setting music which is important to them. We then discuss what the song is about, and why it is special to them. This can lead to many great discussions. I would also suggest bringing appropriate music into the group setting that you have pre-selected. Click here to see examples of popular music which can be used in therapy.

Name games and get to know you activities

A great collection of group therapy ideas themes which focus on "breaking the ice" in a group sesion; getting to know each other.

More Group Therapy Ideas and Themes

This site suggests several topics for group therapy sessions.

Books with Group Therapy Ideas and Themes

The Group Therapy Treatment Planner

Group Exercises for Adolescents : A Manual for Therapists

Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy

Groups: Process and Practice

Action Speaks Louder: A Handbook of Structured Group Techniques