General Resources

Homeless: Real Homelessness - Contrast between the needs of houseless people and homeless people. News, pictures and statistics - children and people's stories.

Psych up Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence through Psychology Articles and Writings and Psychological Health Quizzes

Angel Therapy
Site that focuses on inner healing

Educational Psychologist
Online help from educational psychologist and specialist teachers

Behavior OnLine
The Mental Health and Behavioral Science Meeting Place

Self and Other Psychotherapy Associates
Guided by a sense of social responsibility which stresses human values, this group seeks to support those facing difficulties in their lives.

Mental Help.Com (Portuguese)
General site offering all kinds of information and help for those in need!

Youthwork Links and Ideas
Links to a wide range of sites on topics of practical and theoretical interest to youth workers and others. The site also has ideas for interesting activities and other tips for anyone working with youth.

Accurate, Online Psychic Readings
This site provides spiritual guidance for inspired living. A unique personal empowerment, spiritual approach to intuitive readings.

The Family History Registry
Offers products and keepsakes to help document and showcase your very own family history.

A Research Guide for Students
A Virtual Library of useful URLs arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification. Write an A+ research paper, deliver an effective speech, document sources using MLA style, and more.

Mental Hospital Abuse
One couple's odyssey. Seeking justice and information to use and share since August 2003. A horror story with true-to-life updates and news you need to know.