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Soon Defy
A Song About Behavior Management

During my work at a residential treatment facility, I noticed an underlying theme that seemed to encompass so many of the children I worked with.  These children would, generally speaking, understand the difference between right and wrong, yet would still choose the latter of the two, despite being aware of the tremendous consequences that could unfold. 

"Soon Defy" is a song that I wrote about this very situation.  It examines how often times we know what is expected, but in the heat of the moment, we don't always make the best decisions! It has been very useful in acting as a "door opener" when discussing behaviors with children in therapy.

(This song and others are featured in the book and compact disc, Utilizing Music as a Coping Skill: Featuring the Music of Freudian Slip)

Soon Defy

Lyrics and Music by Freudian Slip

Lyrics from excerpt:

It's my position to make a decision

On the outcome we will stand

Moments later it's just me later

Without a helping hand...

When will I understand I have to make a choice?

When will I understand for wrong there's no rejoice...