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In Between Love and Hate:
A Song About Domestic Violence

When I first began practicing in the counseling field, I became amazed at how many people would stay in relationships that were abusive.  I could not understand how someone would want to continue to be with someone who would treat them so badly.

As I grew with my experience, I began to understand more about how people in that situation feel, this led to the creation of In Between Love and Hate, a song about someone in an abusive situation having conflicting feelings of love and hate.

(This song and others are featured in the book and compact disc, Utilizing Music as a Coping Skill: Featuring the Music of Freudian Slip)

In Between Love and Hate

Lyrics and Music by Freudian Slip

Lyrics from excerpt:

Abusing me not to hurt me, It's what I deserve

I knew when I fell in love dear, that it's what you serve

If I didn't need you...

I love you...I hate you...

I'm in between love and hate

Despise you...But I need you

What else, can I say?