Freudian Slip: I Started Laughing

A Song About Addiction

Drug addiction has led to the destruction of countless individuals and families.  The proof is real, there is no question about that, and yet people continue to abuse drugs at a very high rate. After being exposed to countless situations of family problems caused by a drug addiction, I chose to write a song about the inner battle that goes on inside an addict's head.  When I play this song for children, I ask them "if alcohol is causing so many problems for the person, why don't they just stop?"

(This song and others are featured in the book and compact disc, Utilizing Music as a Coping Skill: Featuring the Music of Freudian Slip)

I Started Laughing

Lyrics and Music by Freudian Slip

Lyrics from excerpt:

Thank you for your business now don't forget your change

Don't try and tell me that it's not time for change

Thank you for your business now please be on your way

The man behind the counter made one more sale today

I wish nothing was this easy...

I started laughing to myself...

I started laughing to myself...

I tried to hide the fact that I don't even know

Where I will be tomorrow here I do not know?