The Power of Music


We all have feelings.  It is what makes us human.  There are many kinds of feelings.  Happy feelings, sad feelings, angry feelings, and so forth.  It is important to understand that it is okay to feel angry sometimes, it is okay to feel sad sometimes.  These are all very natural feelings that we all possess.

Not expressing our feelings, however, can cause us some trouble.  Anger, for example, is a very important feeling which must be expressed appropriately or it can get us into all kinds of trouble!

Imagine that you have a spot inside you where you keep your anger.  Picture this being kind of like a balloon, which expands when things happen that make you angry. 

You wake up and have a really bad morning, nothing goes right.  Your "anger balloon" begins to expand.  You are late for the bus, and you're normal seat is taken.  Your "anger balloon" expands again.  Your friends poke fun at you for almost missing the bus, the "balloon" expands again.

By the time you arrive at school, your "anger balloon" is so full, it cannot handle any more anger!  Your teacher walks in and instructs everyone to have a quiet reading time.  Your friend begins to whisper something to you.  The teacher walks over and tells you to change seats, as you are not suppose to be talking, but reading.

This is the last straw, your "anger balloon" cannot hold any more anger!  As it explodes so do you!  You begin yelling at the teacher.  Before it is all over, you find yourself in the principal's office, and a boat load of trouble!

What happened here?  We each have our own "anger balloon" which can only expand so much.  Keeping in mind that anger is a completely healthy feeling, it is important to deal with this feeling in an appropriate fashion.  We need to figure out ways to let anger out of our "balloon" before it explodes.

So how do we deal with our feelings?  There are plenty of ways.  We can listen to music, write a poem, do jumping jacks, shoot hoops.  The possibilities are endless.  What is important is for us to recognize what works for us, and to make sure we do it!

It is very important for us to constantly be "in check" with our feelings. 

This website focuses on helping others (and yourself) to find ways to express themselves in a healthy manner.  Check out:

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So stick around awhile, and thanks for visiting us!

Books on Feelings
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