Domestic Violence Resources

Women's Rural Advocacy Programs
Domestic violence information and resources.

SAVE - Students Against Violence Everywhere
SAVE is a student driven organization. Students learn about alternatives to violence and practice what they learn through school and community service projects. As they participate in SAVE activities, students learn crime prevention and conflict management skills and the virtues of good citizenship, civility, and nonviolence

Northwest Association of Domestic Violence Treatment Professionals

Christine Duncan
Christine Duncan's mystery series features battered women's counselor, Kaye Berreano; Book one, Safe Beginnings.

Batette.Org's Women's Resources
A collection of links and resources for women.

Team Cares.Org
Supportive site for those that have been abused.

Idanha Films
Home of "Shattered Lives", A Telly Award Winning educational documentary video on domestic violence . . .

Equal Justice Foundation
The Equal Justice Foundation is a nonprofit organization of citizens from all walks of life working to restore due process, reverse the loss of our civil liberties, etc.