Dissociative Disorder (Multiple Personality) Resources

Displaced Parts - Dissociative Identity Disorder - Multiple Personality Disorder - MPD - DID
A survivor and her alters voice their individual selves through art, music, thoughts, and verse. Daily journals are updated recording the current therapy process.

Fragmented Mind
Covers many aspects of mental illness including dissociation, MPD/DID, borderline & avoidant personality disorders, self-harm, schizophrenia, cognitive therapy, DBT, poetry, links and more!

Heart's Home
information and education of sexual abuse, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiple Personalties Disorder mindcontrol, ritual abuse

Multiplicity, Abuse & Healing
Educational resources and peer support for dissociation and healing after abuse. The site includes issues of multiplicity, and abuse, including sexual abuse, ritual abuse, emotional, physical, and verbal abuse, and self-harm.

We R Many
WeRMany.org places its emphasis on the real-time peer support of people living with Multiple Personality Disorder / Dissociative Identity Disorder and their supporters. Special effort is given to maintain 24 hour real time chat support, outlets for creative writing and artwork, email support, interactive message forums and extensive online internet resources.