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Creative Therapy Resources

Freudian Slip's Music Therapy Links
A collection of music therapy resources

Freudian Slip's Art Therapy Links
A collection of art therapy resources

Freudian Slip's Play Therapy Links
A collection of Play Therapy websites.

Freudian Slip's Dance and Movement Therapy Links
A collection of dance and movement therapy resources

Cinematherapy.com: Using Movies for Healing and Growth
Everything you might want to know about cinematherapy: this site is aimed at both the self-help seeker and the therapist, providing basic guides and in-depth theory, film recommendations, links to all cinematherapy info on the Web, training opportunities and info on forming your own support group.

Coloring Therapy
An alternative to formal mediation practices with a potential for family and interpersonal team-building skill development. Guidelines and resources to help you inexpensively improve your coping and awareness skills through an enjoyable activity.

Encyclopedia of Spiritualism
Portal related alternative therapy, disease, spiritual, religious, tantra, mantra, yantra, upnishad, purana and vada.

Great collection of articles, a tribute to Harry Arons who contributed greatly to improving the image of hypnosis for the medical personnel and the general public. Other articles address tributes and issues of interest to a hypnotherapist.

Learn Yoga Online/Yoga Classes Delivered to your Desktop!
Free online yoga course, yoga supplies, mini workshops, yoga related books, and more!

Resources for psychics and psychic readers. Specializes in relationship counseling, addiction, and adolescent issues.

Glasslight Theatre Company
Offers new perspectives to the greater community through the performing arts by raising questions that challenge mainstream opinions and inspire the individual to recognize his or her compassion for the collective human spirit.

Psicotesha, we balance your emotions
Fears, anguish, complexes, stress, panic, depression... Stop suffering. We help you to heal your emotions through Philosophical counseling, psychotherapy, Bach Flowers. Online Therapy.

Rising Dove
Celebrating the Visual, Musical, and Literary Arts. Rising Dove Bookstore specializes in books, recordings, and products related to the arts.

Sweetthang's Resource Network
Collection of links and suggestions for ways for people to relax.

Hypnosis Courses
Distance learning courses in alternative, complementary health therapy. Learn Counseling, Hypnotherapy, Psychology etc. Many home study courses available.

Green Fire Herbs
Holistic Healing Products.

Marlie's Creative Universe
Everything can benefit from a dash of creativity.

A Southern Belle's Life
An ever expanding tribute to being creative.

Gifts by Richmonthouse's Craft Suggestions
Suggestions of activities for children.