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Creative Therapy : Babe

Movies Used in Therapy

Babe Rated PG-13

Summary: A small time farmer has a special group of animals on his farm.  They can all talk to each other, and we the audience can understand them.  Babe, a young pig decides that he doesn't want to do "pig" things, but wants to become a sheep dog.  This very special pig does not see animals for what they are on the outside, but on the inside.  Troubles arise as Babe challenges the views held by everyone and becomes a sheep dog.

Application: This is one of my all-time favorite movies.  It contains so many positive messages that I reccommend it to everyone.  It deals with racism in a very upfront manner and is easy to understand.  It is also admirable how Babe accomplishes what he does, by being kind to everyone.  Older clients may be turned off by the "talking animals" but I feel that we all can learn something from that special talking pig!Issues that are covered in this film include:   

-being taken away from your mother at an early age   

-being raised by someone that is not your mother or father   

-being okay with being different   

-using kindness rather than force to get what you want   

-holding prejudiced views

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