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Articles on Conduct Disorder

Below is a list of journal articles about Conduct Disorder for further reference

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Modeling Growth in Boys' Aggressive Behavior Across Elementary School: Links to Later Criminal Involvement, Conduct Disorder, and Antisocial Personality Disorder.
by Schaeffer, Cindy M.; Petras, Hanno; Ialongo, Nicholas; Poduska, Jeanne; Kellam, Sheppard
from Developmental Psychology. 2003 Nov Vol 39(6) 1020-1035


Waxing and waning in concert: Dynamic comorbidity of conduct disorder with other disruptive and emotional problems over 17 years among clinic-referred boys.
by Lahey, Benjamin B.; Loeber, Rolf; Burke, Jeffrey; Rathouz, Paul J.; McBurnett, Keith
from Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 2002 Nov Vol 111(4) 556-567


Disinhibitory psychopathology in male adolescents: Discriminating conduct disorder from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder through concurrent assessment of multiple autonomic states.
by Beauchaine, Theodore P.; Katkin, Edward S.; Strassberg, Zvi; Snarr, Jeffrey
from Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 2001 Nov Vol 110(4) 610-624


The effect of systematic variation in retrospective conduct disorder reports on antisocial personality disorder diagnoses.
by Rueter, Martha A.; Chao, Wei; Conger, Rand D.
from Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology. 2000 Apr Vol 68(2) 307-312


Diagnostic Consistency in Assessing Conduct Disorder: An Experiment on the Effect of Social Context.
by Kirk, Stuart A.; Hsieh, Derek K.
from American Journal of Orthopsychiatry. 2004 Jan Vol 74(1) 43-55