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Articles on Behavior Management

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3 R's of Behavior Management - Family Living by Thomas Knestrict

Helpful article which outlines suggestions of how to place and enforce rules in the home.

Excerpt- "I find that when families have established rules, rituals, and routines in their homes, there are fewer behavioral problems to deal with. Conversely, if these are not in place, there is an increase in problem behaviors."

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More than the Terrible Twos: The Nature and Severity of Behavior Problems in Clinic-Referred Preschool Children by Kate Keenan

Informative study which explores the nature and severity of behavioral problems in preschool children.

Excerpt- "The primary goals of this study are to describe the nature and severity of disruptive behavior problems in clinic-referred preschoolers from low-income environments and to explore the validity of DSM-IV disruptive disorders for young children."

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School Refusal in Children and Adolescents by Wanda P. Freemont

Study examining in-depth the reasons for children and adolescents who refuse to go to school.

Excerpt- "School refusal is a serious emotional problem that is associated with significant short- and long-term sequelae. Fear of going to school was first termed school phobia in 1941. (1) An alternative term..."

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