Anxiety Disorder Resources

Anxiety Care
Anxiety Care is an East London community charity specialising in recovery work for anxiety disorder.

Driving and Anxiety Forum
Support for those having anxiety about driving.

Anxiety About Going to College
Article on reducing anxiety about attending college.

Symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Discussion of the symptoms for Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety and Stress Reduction Center
Visit RealAge's Anxiety and Stress Resource Center to get relief for your stress and anxiety symptoms, as well as learn techniques for stress reduction.

Social Anxiety.Org.Uk
Great site featuring information on social anxiety

The Lifeline Anxiety Disorder Newsletter Website
The website of a newsletter for people with agoraphobia, panic disorder, social phobia and other anxiety disorders.

Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety Disorder
This site offers a novel on shyness, a wealth of free articles and a directory on social phobia/anxiety disorder and shyness.

Technostress Anxiety
Discussion of the fear of technology.

The Anxiety and Phobia Treatment Center
Located in White Plains, NY, this treatment center focuses on phobia, anxiety, stage fright, obsessive-compulsive disorder, health anxiety, fear of flying, and more.

In The SpotLight
No More Stage Fright Workshops and In the SpotLight book and CD, authored by Janet Esposito, M.S.W., to help people overcome fear of public speaking and performing.

A site for panic Attack & Anxiety sufferers.

Dental Fear Central
Comprehensive information, tips and resources for anyone suffering with dental phobias or fears.

Old Me, New Me
Anxiety and children - children's behavior problems - children's anxiety - children's emotional problems & non drug ADHD therapy

The Introvertz Coach
Nancy R. Fenn is an iNfp introvert, a rare 1% of the population called The Healer. Nancy has had 58 years' experience on the planet as an introvert and will be able to help you win, wherever you are coming from, whatever your goals.

Jenna Glatzer's official website
Jenna is a former agoraphobic and author of two books about anxiety disorders-- Conquering Panic and Anxiety Disorders (an anthology of success stories), and Fear is No Longer My Reality (co-authored with Jamie Blyth of ABC's The Bachelorette).