Articles on Anger Management

Below is a list of journal articles referencing anger management for further study

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The relationship between parental anger and behavior problems in children and adolescents.
by Renk, Kimberly; Phares, Vicky; Epps, James
from Journal of Family Psychology. 1999 Jun Vol 13(2) 209-227

The CAD triad hypothesis: A mapping between three moral emotions (contempt, anger, disgust) and three moral codes (community, autonomy, divinity).
by Rozin, Paul; Lowery, Laura; Imada, Sumio; Haidt, Jonathan
from Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 1999 Apr Vol 76(4) 574-586

Catharsis, aggression, and persuasive influence: Self-fulfilling or self-defeating prophecies?
by Bushman, Brad J.; Baumeister, Roy F.; Stack, Angela D.
from Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 1999 Mar Vol 76(3) 367-376


Attachment and anger in an anxiety-provoking situation.
by Rholes, W. Steven; Simpson, Jeffry A.; Orina, M. Minda
from Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 1999 Jun Vol 76(6) 940-957


Nicotine reduces the frequency of anger reports in smokers and nonsmokers with high but not low hostility: An ambulatory study.
by Jamner, Larry D.; Shapiro, David; Jarvik, Murray E.
from Experimental & Clinical Psychopharmacology. 1999 Nov Vol 7(4) 454-463