Articles on Anger Management

Below is a list of journal articles referencing anger management for further study

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Coping with adults' angry behavior: Behavioral, physiological, and verbal responses in preschoolers.
by El-Sheikh, Mona; Cummings, E. Mark; Goetsch, Virginia L.
from Developmental Psychology. 1989 Jul Vol 25(4) 490-498


Conflict between the sexes: Strategic interference and the evocation of anger and upset.
by Buss, David M.
from Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 1989 May Vol 56(5) 735-747


Repression of emotionally tagged memories: The architecture of less complex emotions.
by Hansen, Ranald D.; Hansen, Christine H.
from Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 1988 Nov Vol 55(5) 811-818


Empirical support for the social-cognitive model of forgiveness.
by Enright, Robert D.; Fitzgibbons, Richard P.
from Enright, Robert D.; Fitzgibbons, Richard P.. Helping clients forgive: An empirical guide for resolving anger and restoring hope. (pp. 277-285). Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association (2000) xiii, 376 pp.


The induced affect response: 10-week-old infants' responses to three emotion expressions.
by Haviland, Jeannette M.; Lelwica, Mary
from Developmental Psychology. 1987 Jan Vol 23(1) 97-104