Articles on Anger Management

Below is a list of journal articles referencing anger management for further study

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Anger regulation in disadvantaged preschool boys: Strategies, antecedents, and the development of self-control.
by Gilliom, Miles; Shaw, Daniel S.; Beck, Joy E.; Schonberg, Michael A.; Lukon, JoElla L.
from Developmental Psychology. 2002 Mar Vol 38(2) 222-235

Linkages between facial expressions of anger and transient myocardial ischemia in men with coronary artery disease.
by Rosenberg, Erika L.; Ekman, Paul; Jiang, Wei; Babyak, Michael; Coleman, R. Edward; Hanson, Michael; O'Connor, Christopher; Waugh, Robert; Blumenthal, James A.
from Emotion. 2001 Jun Vol 1(2) 107-115


Serum lipids and their relationships with hostility and angry affect and behaviors in men.
by Richards, Jeffrey C.; Hof, Alexandra; Alvarenga, Marlies
from Health Psychology. 2000 Jul Vol 19(4) 393-398


Coping with anger-provoking situations, psychosocial working conditions, and ECG-detected signs of coronary heart disease.
by Haerenstam, Annika; Theorell, Toeres; Kaijser, Lennart
from Journal of Occupational Health Psychology. 2000 Jan Vol 5(1) 191-203


On self-aggrandizement and anger: A temporal analysis of narcissism and affective reactions to success and failure.
by Rhodewalt, Frederick; Morf, Carolyn C.
from Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 1998 Mar Vol 74(3) 672-685