Articles on Anger Management

Below is a list of journal articles referencing anger management for further study

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Characteristics and treatment of high-anger drivers.
by Deffenbacher, Jerry L.; Huff, Maureen E.; Lynch, Rebekah S.; Oetting, Eugene R.; Salvatore, Natalie F.
from Journal of Counseling Psychology. 2000 Jan Vol 47(1) 5-17

Children's decoding of emotion in expressive body movement: The development of cue attunement.
by Boone, R. Thomas; Cunningham, Joseph G.
from Developmental Psychology. 1998 Sep Vol 34(5) 1007-1016


Regulating responses to anger: Effects of rumination and distraction on angry mood.
by Rusting, Cheryl L.; Nolen-Hoeksema, Susan
from Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 1998 Mar Vol 74(3) 790-803


Elevated blood pressure and personality: A meta-analytic review.
by Jorgensen, Randall S.; Johnson, Blair T.; Kolodziej, Monika E.; Schreer, George E.
from Psychological Bulletin. 1996 Sep Vol 120(2) 293-320


Fifteen-month follow-up of social skills and cognitive-relaxation approaches to general anger reduction.
by Deffenbacher, Jerry L.; Oetting, Eugene R.; Huff, Maureen E.; Thwaites, Gregory A.
from Journal of Counseling Psychology. 1995 Jul Vol 42(3) 400-405