Articles on Anger Management

Below is a list of journal articles referencing anger management for further study

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Attentional Biases for Negative Interpersonal Stimuli in Clinical Depression.
by Gotlib, Ian H.; Krasnoperova, Elena; Yue, Dana Neubauer; Joormann, Jutta
from Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 2004 Feb Vol 113(1) 127-135

Negative Affects Deriving From the Behavioral Approach System.
by Carver, Charles S.
from Emotion. 2004 Mar Vol 4(1) 3-22


 Selective Attention to Angry Faces in Clinical Social Phobia.
by Mogg, Karin; Philippot, Pierre; Bradley, Brendan P.
from Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 2004 Feb Vol 113(1) 160-165


Discrete Emotions and Persuasion: The Role of Emotion-Induced Expectancies.
by DeSteno, David; Petty, Richard E.; Rucker, Derek D.; Wegener, Duane T.; Braverman, Julia
from Journal of Personality & Social Psychology. 2004 Jan Vol 86(1) 43-56


Emotional congruence in older couples coping with wives' osteoarthritis: Exacerbating effects of pain behavior.
by Druley, Jennifer A.; Stephens, Mary Ann Parris; Martire, Lynn M.; Ennis, Nicole; Wojno, William C.
from Psychology & Aging. 2003 Sep Vol 18(3) 406-414