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Articles on Anger Management

Below is a list of journal articles referencing anger management for further study

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There is more to anger coping than "in" or "out".
by Linden, Wolfgang; Hogan, Brenda E.; Rutledge, Thomas; Chawla, Anuradha; Lenz, Joseph W.; Leung, Debbie
from Emotion. 2003 Mar Vol 3(1) 12-29


State-Trait Anger Theory and the utility of the Trait Anger Scale.
by Deffenbacher, Jerry L.; Oetting, Eugene R.; Thwaites, Gregory A.; Lynch, Rebekah S.; Baker, Deborah A.; Stark, Robert S.; Thacker, Stacy; Eiswerth-Cox, Lora
from Journal of Counseling Psychology. 1996 Apr Vol 43(2) 131-148


The Positive and Negative Effects of Anger on Dispute Resolution: Evidence From Electronically Mediated Disputes.
by Friedman, Ray; Anderson, Cameron; Brett, Jeanne; Olekalns, Mara; Goates, Nathan; Lisco, Cara Cherry
from Journal of Applied Psychology. 2004 Apr Vol 89(2) 369-376


Ethnic and Cultural Variations in Anger Regulation and Attachment Patterns Among Korean American and European American Male Batterers.
by Kim, Irene J.; Zane, Nolan W. S.
from Cultural Diversity & Ethnic Minority Psychology. 2004 May Vol 10(2) 151-168


Assessment of Anger and Aggression in Male Offenders With Developmental Disabilities.
by Novaco, Raymond W.; Taylor, John L.
from Psychological Assessment. 2004 Mar Vol 16(1) 42-50